Single Stories

And there Ladies and gentlemen, Signores and Signoritas: I'm presenting to you The Big Stories! Si, si! Signora Ara wrote them under unbelievable pressure, headaches and such. So be kind and enjoy them, while holding some tissues, chocolate and of course a bottle of cognac!



Pon Farr:

Part I.

Part II.

Human's Kiss and Vulcan's Touch

...But the Memories Remain

Rhapsody in Rain:






Ara's note: There I' m presenting some poetry of mine, which is simply part of the Rhapsody universe. 



Sonet of Falling Rain

It's falling down onto wet stones,
and those gently, soft sounds,

are telling to the dreaming flowers
stories about eternal lovers,

whispering, that it is only right
to make love the whole of night.

It's like tears of black sky,
miracle of soothing, 
master of merciful lie,

like healing balsam for world's pain.
The virtuosi of rhapsody 
-- the rain. 

Raining Love

My drops are my fingertips,
touching your eyes, your nose, your parted lips,
then, sliding down, they leave a trace.
I'm the rain, gently kissing your face.

Seeing your beauty, I'm breaking into tears.
I whisper sweet words into your ears,
while holding your body in my arms.
I'm the rain, gently kissing your palms.

My instrument are the streets, you are walking on,
my repertoire contains this only song,
which I'm playing again and anew:
I'm the rain, madly loving you.


Outside of Rain

Grey clouds over the town,
changed the day into the night,
while the rain, still falling down,
is making its sounds - so soft, so light.

Why to go out into the wet streets?
Our world is the room, the bed, 
we are lying in,
sprawled across the white sheets
in each others arms, 
my skin on your skin.

Being with you, I don't miss the sun.
I'm dwelling in world bereft of pain,
where the only beings are me and you,
listening to the voice of the rain.