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Here we are, Signores and Signoritas! Featured Stories, presented von Signora Ara! Avanti!

Thanks Giovanni. Ok folks, since I don't have any time to write The Stories from this Universe, there are at last some about Sarek and Amanda. This all started with a challenge at asc: to type a story about swimming and post it immediately thereafter. Well and with that began this loose follow up about a very young, lonely and divorced ambassador and an exocentric English teacher. These stories weren't edited by my beta, so be kind while being confronted with my bad grammar. -:)


The Intergalactic Encounter
Yet Another Stuff for the Meditation
Her Way
Once in the Night
Getting to Know you:



Featured Poetry




thean'heč nkmaion'sa
thean'heč sehev khe nd'sa
sohwo sai'sen
sohwo khai'nsen



Thean'heé - Sleeping Child

sleeping child in my arms
sleeping child in my palms
I'm your shelter 
I'm your shield
little friend
little friend

Song of Saresh Nda Khevionum Zedem


Between the Roses

Between the roses,
just when the wind brought the cloud,
I have lost myself in your body,
screaming in passion your name aloud.

Between the roses,
just when the warm rain came,
I have felt your brightness in my mind
and then, nothing has been the same.

Between the roses,
just when our bond faded, I have lost all, I have ever had.
You were lying under those flowers
and my thoughts screamed, my heart bled.

Between the roses,
I have held you, rocking your body gently in my arms,
begging for tears the Vulcan sky
and it send the rain into my palms.